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But Which Kind of Arbor?

Attached Arbor

An Attached Arbor is an Arbor or Pergola that is attached to another building on one side and supported by posts on the other. There are multiple ways the arbor can be attached. It can Rest On The Roof. It can also be attached to the face of the eaves at the last shingle. This is called Attached To Fascia. Finally, it can be attached directly into a wall, Attached To Wall, for example, breaking up a two story vertical face. Any of these options can be custom designed to fit the specific style and shade needs of your patio.

Freestanding Arbor

A Freestanding Arbor is pretty self explanatory. It’s an Arbor or Pergola that is not attached to any other building and is completely supported by 4 or more posts. These can be built over a slab for an independent patio area. Or on a pool deck for some shade that still let’s in some sunlight. Or just placed in your yard as a design element to decorate with plants, furniture and other decorations.

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